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We're pretty easy to figure out - we simply like video games. More importantly, we like the video game rental by mail programs, because that allows us to try newly released game titles before we have to buy them. We also like the PS2 game system, but we don't want to start a "Windows" vs "Mac" discussion here. Stick with the game system you like the best ... and let's just skip over that part.

Other benefits, with pro's and con's of buying or renting, as well as who should probably do which are discussed on other site pages here, so we'll let them get into those details. But we really do like trying out new release video games. In fact, we're thinking about expanding this site to include specific information on hugely popular games, as well as new titles about to be released. So please check back soon.

In the meantime, we hope the information on this site was helpful. If that's a big 'yes' ... or a 'no' ... let us know by sending a note to us on our contact us form. We're also thinking about putting up a blog for comments, but for now, the form is the easiest way. Don't want to bother with a form? Well that's ok too, just send us an email ->

info (at) Rent-PS2-Games.com

Thanks for visiting the site!