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Do you rent video games now?

Would you like the ability to buy the games you really want for much less than stores sell them for?

Then buy video games online and put the savings in your pocket.

We have nothing against stores, they just can't compete with the low overhead associated with online sales. Simple as that.

But online services aren't created equal either. So after quite a bit of research, we can recommend 3 options.

  • Amazon

  • Gamefly

  • GameMine
  • Reasons for these are on the right -->
    But price and relevance were certainly high our selection criteria.

    If you just want to buy great games at great prices, we think Amazon is the right choice. Their selection is very good, they provide excellent discounts and a single game may qualify for free shipping.

    If you play a lot of games and wish you could try them before buying - then Gamefly is for you. It does require a monthly membership fee, but you can cancel at any time, shipping and handling for every game is included in the membership fee and you get super discounts on any game you want to keep.

    If you simply want a great video game rental alternative to Gamefly, then GameMine is definitely something you'll want to look into. You can pick a rental plan that works for you, select the games you want and then simply play until your heart's content.

    So rather than heading to area stores for Christmas, birthday or even no special occasion video game purchases, we recommend taking a look at what it could mean to buy video games online first.

    Then have fun!



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    Can You Buy Video Games Online in ? You Bet!

    Our Rating:

    Video Games Delivered Right To Your Door

    Like Gamefly, you can buy video games online at Amazon and the games are sent directly to your door. No store to go to, no lines to wait in. The difference is that there's no monthly subscription at Amazon. Just log on, buy the games you want, log off and you're done. The games arrive in your mail box a few days later and you're ready to play. And They Have Great Discounts!

    Thousands of Game Titles to Choose from

    Last we checked, there were over 60,000 entries for a search on "video games" at Amazon. (Try it in the above search box and see!) But that's not all - they have them sorted by game platform as well. You can certainly narrow the search down by specific game title if you want, but here's what was available last we looked ...

      - 4,177 video games for Wii
    - 3,571 for Xbox 360
    - 3,233 for PlayStation 3
    - 3,512 for Nintendo DS
    - 4,771 for PlayStation 2
    - 18,382 PC Games
    - 2,531 for Sony PSP
    - 2,361 Mac Games

    And 17,379 more games for other systems like Xbox, Game Boy Advance, Playstation and more. In other words, selection to buy video games online at Amazon is simply not a problem. You only want new games? That's ok too ... you can limit the search to new game releases in the last 30 days (there were 433 of those), the last 90 days (1,128 to pick from there), or click on the "Coming Soon" selection to see 357 games about to hit Amazon. Good stuff!

    Free Shipping*

    * Free shipping is possible with Amazon's Super Saver Shipping plan. Some restrictions do apply, but most orders totaling $25 or more qualify. That means it's really easy to qualify for free shipping when you buy video games online at

    Trade In Your Old Games

    Yes - you can even trade in your old video games! They must be in good working condition, but all you do is find your game title, print out a shipping label (and pack list), drop them in the mail and Amazon will deposit the Trade In value of your game into your account as a gift card.

    In other words ... you can get credit for games you are tired of - then order the new ones you want to play. We think that's a great idea! In fact, this program is worth a look all by itself, so Learn More Here - and Enjoy!.

    Great Game Info

    For just about every video game category you can search on, provides the brand and how many of each they have (1,032 Nintendo games, for example), game ratings from Early Childhood to Adults only so you can weed out anything you don't want to see, and even select only the games that have 3 or 4 star customer reviews to weed out the games others thought weren't worth playing. You can even ask for specific conditions (New, Used, Refurbished) to see if there are any really good deals on games, game consoles or anything video game related at all.

    If you want to get (or even give) specific game reviews - you can. Amazon has great user reviews, and it's easy to submit your own if like.

    Cancel Anytime

    Well - that's not exactly accurate. You do need to set up an account (very easy), but since there's no monthly membership fee, there's really nothing to cancel. You simply buy when you want or don't when you're not quite ready. That makes it pretty easy to buy video games online with


    Buy Video Games Online At Great Discount Prices With Gamefly

    Our Rating:

    Gamefly gives you the best of both worlds - the ability to try a game before having to buy it, and great discounts once you find a game you really like. What could be better?

    True, Gamefly does require a monthly membership, but it's well worth it. Once a member, you can simply buy video games online at great prices, or use their excellent video game rental service to try any of the 7000+ game titles they have in stock before buying anything.

    More details are outlined on the rent video game page, so we won't repeat them here, except to say ... it's definitely worth taking a look!


    Want a Simple Alternative to Gamefly? Then We Recommend GameMine

    Our Rating:

    Want an alternative to Gamefly with Superb Online Video Game Rentals online at great prices?? Then GameMine is what you are looking for.

    GameMine stores are growing in popularity, and the demand for an alternative online service catapulted them in that direction quite some time ago. With the growing demand for online video game rentals, they are looking to rapidly expand in the market (with your help of course).

    They've also added a great program where you can buy video games online directly from their site. Yup, so does Gamefly, but GameMine is working pretty hard to gain your trust. They have great specials, super discounts on video game rentals and all the "easy button" perks you would expect from an online service.

    Like Gemefly, GameMine's online program requires a monthly membership fee, but it's well worth it - especially if you like renting movies and playing games. Check them out!


    Should You Buy Video Games Online Or Rent Instead?

    You should probably buy video games online, or even at your favorite video store if any of the following apply to you ...

  • You have lots of disposable cash
  • You know you'll love the game you're buying
  • You only play a couple of games now and then
  • You don't mind playing the same games over and over
  • You don't want a monthly membership fee
  • Trying out new releases before buying is not concern

  • Otherwise, it might be wise to check out a video game rental service instead. We've listed our favorite on the rent video games online page, but even if 'only' renting video games isn't for you - don't forget they have super discounts on games you buy direct, or keep after you try as well.




    And do be sure to understand the programs. For example, at the time of this writing, Blockbuster didn't have a true online video game rental service like Gamefly - but - they do have video game purchases at good discounts, and a superb movie rental service (I choose the 3 a month plan myself), that allows you to return those movies to a participating store for reduced in-store video game rentals. That's a pretty good deal - IF - you like to watch movies. If not, you'll want to look at Gamefly for online game rentals.

    So renting or buying ... it's certainly your decision, but we think you'll find the best places to begin your search on this site. And by the way ... if you find a better rental or online purchasing service than we list here, please let us know. You can contact us at any time right here.

    Thanks for visiting.

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