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Rent Video Games

Yup - Rent Video Games for your game enthusiast!

Keep the fun going with Online Game Rentals. Send the boring ones back and keep the ones you like, for as long as you like, without late fees or penalties.

Stores are fine, but we do recommend Video Game Rental by Mail as the better way to go. No traffic, lines, or waiting for the game titles you want. Simply order from home and get a video game delivered right to your door. What could be easier?

And shipping is already included! Just drop a game in the postage pre-paid mailer and the next video game on your list is sent. It's about the easiest way to rent video games we know of.

Gamefly offers a 10 day free trial, and their game rental program includes Xbox, PS2, Wii and many other game systems.



Unlimited Video Game Rentals


Can You Rent Video Games Online in ? Absolutely!

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Game Rentals Delivered to Your Door

As a Gamefly member, you rent video games you want, try them for as long as you like and even buy the games you can't part with at extremely discounted prices. All that comes at a small monthly fee - especially if you consider the cost of buying new games off the shelf at full price.

Create your own personal game list, check out 2 at a time, and play them until your controller gives out if you like. Then drop them in the mail when your done and the next games on your list will automatically be sent. It really is video game rental by mail at it's finest.

Over 7,000 Game Titles to Choose from

Rent video games you want rather than what's available on the shelf. Gamefly has about the best selection of video games for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, PSP, Xbox 360, Xbox, Wii, GameCube, Nintendo DS, and Game Boy Advance. And with online game rentals, their doors are never closed - 24 hour service every single day. With over 7,000 titles to choose from, renting hard-to-find classics as well as new releases hot off the press are as easy as a couple of mouse clicks away.

No Postage or Shipping Fees

Yes - not a typo - postage and shipping fees for all video game rentals is already included in the membership price. Just slip the games you're returning into a gamefly mailer and send it back. It's really that simple. When they get it, the next game title on your list will be sent automatically to you.

Keep Feature

The Keep feature makes it possible for you to buy any online game rentals you cannot part with. Better yet, they are usually at very low prices - and - the original game manuals as well as the original cases are shipped to you for free. Yup, no extra handling fees, no shipping charges for as long as you are a member. This is one of the main reasons we so strongly recommend to rent video games through Gamefly's video game rental service. You can try before you buy, and if you what to keep them, you can purchase at very low prices. That means you can make sure the game is fun, it works in your system and then you get discounted prices on top of that. Not sure how it gets better than that for avid game players.

... And They Have Excellent Game Info

GameFly partnered with GameSpy, IGH and GameSpot to bring you all possible game information you could ever need. If you're stuck, they have game cheats and codes. If you need an opinion (or want to leave one), they have excellent video game reviews. If you just what information, then check out their screenshots, videos, walkthroughs, gameplay controls and even their recommendations before you rent video games from them. And if you're concerned about violence or objectionable content, Gamefly has all the ratings and actual member user reviews to help decide before you rent.

Cancel Anytime

There is no length obligation to rent video games with Gamefly at all, and it's easy to cancel at anytime either online or by phone. Gamefly even keeps your game list and account login on file for an entire year - just in case you change you mind. Better yet, there are absolutely no cancellation or reactivation fees.

Earn GameFly Members Rewards

But there is an incentive to stay --- The longer you're a member, the more Rewards you'll get for even better (actually great) discounts if you decide to keep any of the video game titles. Find out more about membership options and How To Join here.


Prefer to Rent Video Games From A Different Store? Then We Recommend

Our Rating:

GameMine is expanding their video game rental service, and they are agressively trying to show you they are one of the best and upcoming video game rental services on the plante. Give them a try ... we give them our top recommendation.

For now, to rent video games from GameMine - just sign up for their DVD Rental program, make your movie rental selections, then follow the easy directions on their website. GameMine already sells video games at prices that compare to, so if you prefer to purchase rather than rent - do check them out before you decide.

Gamefly has pretty much been on their own out there for online video game rental by mail, but we think GameMine will be giving them a run for their money very soon. So stay tuned! In the meantime, if you like to play video games AND watch movies, the checkout the GameMine site.


Who Should Rent Video Games Online?

Now this is the real question. If you have an Xbox or PS2 system, for example, and you only play a game or two now and then - renting games online probably won't make sense. You might enjoy the service for a while, but you won't be happy with a monthly membership you don't use. If that's the case, we recommend checking out the best buys we know of on the buy video games online page. We're pretty sure you'll get the best prices for the games you want there.

If you simply want an alternative, then we strongly recommend signing up for a GameMine account so you can take advantage of great discounts on video game rentals other than what you see at Gamefly.

What's to loose? Give'em a try!




But if you're an avid game player that ...

  • Gets bored with games quickly
  • Likes to try before buying
  • Wants to play hot new releases without paying a ton of money
  • Doesn't like going to the video store
  • Prefers to rent a game without time restrictions

  • Then online game rentals is definitely for you.

    If that's the case, the best option available today is Gamefly. You really can play all the game titles you want for a single monthly membership fee, classics and new releases alike. The advantages are listed above, so we won't repeat them again here. But no additional shipping and no late fees is huge. Enjoy!

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